A Referral Building Program

Screenshot_2015-12-04_15.30.20.pngWe manage our referral system  for you, so you don't have to worry about finding the time to implement a program within your practice. We know how vital it is to distinguish your brand and reputation in a way that builds trust and inspires referrals.  Our referral list is dynamic so we are not taking time with referral sources that may not be the best fit.  Our customized reporting allows you to know where we have been, what was said and what the value of that referral source is.

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Referral Source Protection

Screenshot_2015-11-30_23.54.44.pngNever take your best relationships for granted. Practices that have existing referral relationships need to maintain and enhance those relationships. Our experienced team members ensure you are maximizing your current referral relationships by implementing a reengagement strategy that works.  We also report to you on referral results and trends.  Learn more about how we help you nurture your exisiting relationships into receiving the highest quality referrals.

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Face-to-Face Referral Source Relationships


Meeting someone face-to-face is almost always a better sales approach than meeting over the phone or by email. This is also true for gaining the trust of your referral sources and for building a quality relationship with them. The source is more likely to ask follow up questions in person, and come away with a better understanding of what kind of patients should be referred to your practice. DRI handles this work for you. Learn how we help you grow quality referrals with face-to-face relationship building tactics.

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Detailed Reporting For Your Practice


An effective physician referral program will prove its worth when measured by specific goals and objectives. It’s important to be clear about the intended (specific and quantifiable) results. Our detailed reporting system will reveal effectiveness, what works and what doesn’t, and guide periodic adjustments to your campaigns with DRI, and are essential to your practice's growth and patient quality improvement.

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Are you interested in learning more about how Doctor Referral Institute can help you achieve you goals? Simply request a free evaluation to learn more about how we can help you implement a referral program that works.