In a study, 66% of participating physicians said they were “very unlikely” to change their referral patterns without a physician liaison actively communicating and visiting with them. Doctor Referral Institute has an even better solution.

What is a Referral Development Specialist?

Similar to a physician liaison or practice representative, referral development specialists deepen your connection with existing referral sources and create new, lasting relationships with your biggest opportunities for quality referrals.  Our team of dedicated referral development specialists average 10+ years of healthcare sales experience and are located in your area. You receive localized, in-person support and face-to-face relationship building without having to manage your referral development specialist personally.

Typically a referral development specialist is responsible for:

  • Educating potential referral sources about the kind of cases you would like to see
  • Addressing concerns and deepening the education of current referral sources
  • Positioning you as the thought-leader and expert in your field while protecting and managing your reputation. 
  • Strategically promote services, treatments & insurance types their client would like referred so that you receive condition-specific cases.

How We Manage Your Dedicated Team

We know adding a new person to your team can create undue stress and cause your staff to be overworked. At DRI we have made sure this never happens by managing your referral development specialist for you. If you need to address an issue, or provide feedback about your specialist,  you have a contact at DRI able and willing to talk to you.

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We ALWAYS Meet Referral Sources Face-to-Face

People want to do business with people they know.  Doctor Referral Institute helps referring physicians put a face to your practice by meeting face-to-face every single time. By always meeting face-to-face with referring physicians, you can be sure your relationships  are stable, reliable, and long-lasting. When something goes wrong, the referring physician knows they have Doctor Referral Institute.

Why We Take This Approach:

Meeting someone face-to-face is almost always a better sales approach than meeting over the phone or by email. This is also true for gaining the trust of your referral sources and for building a quality relationship with them. The source is more likely to ask follow up questions in person, and come away with a better understanding of what kind of patients should be referred to your practice with payer mixes that meet your objectives.


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