83% of patients, referred by their primary care physician to a specialist, followed through with the appointment, and were more likely to pay their bills on time.

Research proves that the most qualified new patients coming to your practice are referred by providers who know and trust you. The problem is finding enough time follow through with deepening the relationships you have created within your network. Our team of professional referral development specialists take the stress away by builiding new referral sources and nurturing the ones you currently have today, bringing you more qualified patients.

Why You Need Referral Marketing For Your Practice

How Does a Referral Building Program Work?

Unlike a physician liaison or practice representative, the Doctor Referral Institute delivers a high-quality referral network that meets your budget expectations with proven results. Here is how it works:

  • You are given a  dedicated referral development specialist who has 10 + years of sales experience in the healthcare industry
  • The referral development specialist starts working to market your practice to providers that match the kind of patients you need
  • Through a robust referral building strategy and reputation management  you move to the top of the provider's referral list
  • As a perk, you are offered exclusivity to your area at no extra cost

In our referral building system we never take for granted your best referral sources. In fact, we continue to nurture your sources to ensure you are getting not only the most referrals from your sources but also the highest quality patients to your practice.




Our referral development specialists know what it takes to bring your practice to the next level. Simply request a free evaluation to learn more about how we can help you implement a referral building program that works.