Pick the Doctor Referral Marketing Package that Works for You

All packages are customized to suit the needs of your practice and help you achieve your goals.

1. Referral Insurance Package

Maybe you have a waiting list for your practices or have a good volume of patients.  Quality cases are important.  Let your referral sources know about cases you want, insurances you like to see, new procedures or doctors, and never take your best relationships for granted. This package is for practices that have existing referral relationships that want to maintain and enhance those relationships. Our experienced team members (under our management) ensure that you are maximizing your current referral relationships and makes sure they are educating your referral sources on the types of cases that you want to see. What you are good at and paid well for. We report to you on referral results and trends. 

Our Referral Insurance Package can include:

  • Contacts to doctors, attorneys, and employers
  • Lectures
  • Open Houses
  • Lunch and Learns (if qualified)

2. Referral Development & Insurance Package

This package includes everything in the above package and helps you increase the quality of your current business by building new referral relationships. This package is for practices looking for an increase in the quality of their practice, overall growth, adding a new provider to their group, a new provider or a new location. This may also include lunch and learns (only if they are qualified), lectures or open house coordination.

3. Health Systems, Franchises, Associations, Societies, DME, & Ancillary Services

For hospitals, franchises, consultants or companies. We analyze your referral trends and optimize relationships to promote growth and quality. Customized programs to referral sources across all locations to ensure quality, sustainability and growth.

4. Referral Consulting

This is for offices that have their own employees that are doing referral marketing or want to try to use someone from their office.  This package is also for practices or companies who want to analyze, audit and plan for their referrals.  We provide an analysis of your current referral business, train existing staff, oversee (if needed) and optimize the quality of your office.  This is done with a  systematic approach to  review and monitor its effectiveness.

5. Business Development Package

This package is a complete system of business development tactics for your company. Doctor Referral Institute, with its corporate partners, manages:

  • Doctor Referral Building & Protection
  • Internal (patient referral) Marketing
  • Public Relations & Branding
  • Inbound (Internet) Marketing
  • External Advertising and Events
This is a turn-key system for practices looking for a complete marketing solution.


Speak with one of our experts today! Simply fill out the form below to discuss the package most suited to you and how Doctor Referral Institute can help you achieve your goals with a complete referral building system.