We know that a referred patient is five times more likely to attend their appointment, pay their bills, and refer you to someone else. By using a local referral development specialist in your area, and the four tactical approaches below, we ensure you receive the highest quality referrals from physicians that trust your work.


Condition-specific Cases

DRI helps form relationships that ultimately provide you referrals for the types of cases you want to see. Our referral development specialists work diligently to help you receive referrals for the patients that align with your revenue goals and achieve payer mixes that keep your bottom line happy.  If you're interested in learning more, you can request a free evaluation here.

In-Depth Reporting

Transparency is key to DRI's process. To ensure referral sources are consistently sending quality patients to your practice, DRI offers all clients in-depth reports outlining the activity and success of each referral development and relationship management effort.  You never need to question how the system is working, because the results are right in front of you.  You can see a sample report here.

Referral Development

You know you need referrals to grow, but networking with other professionals can be daunting.  DRI takes the stress out of developing new referrals by bringing you new, quality referrals that meet your  practice's needs. We utilize a face-to-face relationship strategy that builds trust with the current and new sources and gets you the highest quality referred patients. Learn how we do it here.

A DRI Managed Team

You and your entire team are busy trying to get everything that needs to be completed finished. When you work with a practice representative or physician liaison the stress of having to manage can be daunting.  DRI has solved this problem by giving you a personalized referral development specialist managed by our staff.  You can learn how we manage our team by clicking here.

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why our clients trust doctor referral institute
  • doctor referral marketing

    "I have worked with Doctor Referral Institute for over two years and cannot say enough about their system and how professional they are.  I believe Doctor Referral Institute is the wave of the future in marketing for healthcare and would recommend them to anyone."

    - Jennifer G. DRI Client

  • healthcare marketing works

    “Doctor Referral Institute has a system and structure put in place that has represented my clinic with very high standards and results.  They have an experienced, ethical, professional team that is giving me the representation and results that I was looking for.  I strongly recommend Doctor Referral Institute to anyone who wants to increase the quality and profitability of their business."

    Joy D.  DRI Client

  • healthcare marketing and referrals

    “One of the best things we have done for our clinics is to make Doctor Referral Institute a part of our business.  I highly recommend DRI”.

    Rodger C. DRI Client

  • healthcare referrals heart

    "Doctor Referral Institute has saved us time and money.  We are still able to meet with our referral sources if we so choose but all the leg work has been done for us.  I can’t say enough about what an asset Doctor Referral Institute has been to our practice."

    Dawn K. DRI Client

  • Healthcare Heart

     “I am a marketing director for an orthopedic group.  We have a full marketing department and physician liaison.  We brought Doctor Referral Institute on to work with us and they generated over $300,000.00 in services by their efforts alone in the first year.  I definitely recommend Doctor Referral Institute.”

    Keel.H. DRI Client

  • doctors shaking hands

    "We are a multi-location practice that had marketing representatives but wasn’t doing the job we thought should be done.  We know how important referral relationships are to our practice.  We brought on Doctor Referral Institute to build and enhance our referral relationships.  The week after we brought DRI on board we found out that our two major referral sources were retiring.  This would affect a significant part of our revenue.  DRI was able to fill that referral loss and build add more.  I don’t know where we would be with DRI."

    Bob D.  DRI client